Precision Alignment & Brake Exposé

We’ve interviewed a few people regarding serious complaints about the poor service and inappropriate behavior from the folks at Precision Alignment & Brake in Temecula CA. A somewhat popular Alignment Shop in Temecula. They’re located at 27860 Del Rio Rd b, Temecula, CA 92590

Here is a link to their webpage:


Please beware of their shoddy work, slimy business practices, and inappropriate treatment of women.


Due to many threats, some of these interviewees have asked to remain anonymous. Some videos may be blurred with altered audio.


Here is one interview of a customer, an OTR trucker, that went in for a lift, and his girlfriend ended up groped, and his wheel fell off:



Here is another from a Senior Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, with many tours to Afghanistan under his belt. who ended up with a botched alignment, evidence that his car was abused, and some alleged sexual harassment done to his wife.




Here is what happened when one of our reporters went down to give them a chance to rebut these claims. One would think that any reputable shop or employee thereof would try to defend themselves against such claims.



Here’s another customer who claims their car was returned with a front-end wreck. They claim it’s been 6 months since it happened, and the shop still refuses to pay.

They went in for a simple brake job and ended up with a wrecked front end.

They have asked to remain anonymous.



Here is another story of more botched work from a customer:





We’ve also heard from two members of the Temecula LGBT+ community that the shop manager, Chris, has called gay customers derogatory terms, and has banned them from coming back.

We’ll have a follow up story with some LGBT+ members, soon.



If you’d like to give us any further information on this Alignment Shop in Temecula, please contact us on our Hemet News Now Facebook Page, or call us during normal hours at +1 (951) 552 – 7448.

We’d like the public to know of the dangers of going to this shop, and will respect anyone’s wishes to remain anonymous in an interview.


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